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Over the years it has become apparent to us that not all clients are the same, nor do they all need the same services.  Some clients need regular, additional on-site resources and expertise to help them accomplish their goals and keep their projects progressing and on-time.  Other clients are well resourced with personnel and the necessary expertise to get their projects completed and only need outside expertise on a case-by-case basis.  This case-by-case basis may be short term as the organization works on a small focused project, it may be needed intermittently throughout a larger project, or it may be necessary to have outside expertise more readily available as the organization works on management system updates and implementation or other projects.  Remote Consulting is designed to meet the needs of clients that require expert assistance but don't require the consultant's presence on-site.

CQC's Remote Consulting is expert based assistance without the additional costs necessary for on-site consulting.  It is not off-the-shelf documentation you force your organization to mold to.  Nor is it a database of frequently asked questions, forums, and such to search through.  It provides your organization with access to the necessary expertise you need for the period of time you need it.  Your consultant will be available to you via email, phone, Skype, or an online collaborative website.

If this type of consulting service sounds like it would meet your organization's current needs, please check out our "MORE INFORMATION" page.

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