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  • Our Remote Consulting service solutions have been designed to allow clients access to the expertise they need, when they need it, and for how long they need it.  We offer four solutions - 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Quarter, and 1 Year.  Each of these packages includes access to consulting via email and verbally (phone, Skype, etc.) as well as documentation review.  The longer duration solutions include on-line collaboration.
  • Remote consulting works perfect for:
    • Management System development, updating, and improvement
    • Development of process flow, FMEA, and control plan documentation
    • Management system standard questions, interpretations, and clarification
    • Assistance with problem solving
    • name just a few.....
  • Custom solutions can be created to meet a client's needs if one of the predefined solutions will not.  Use our 'CONTACT' page to let us know what your organization needs.
  • Remote consulting services are not meant to replace the regular, ongoing email and verbal consulting services we currently provide to past, present, and future on-site consulting clients.  This service will still be part of our commitment to our clients.
  • Any organization that decides they need to use our on-site consulting services after purchasing Remote Consulting, will have the remaining balance (based on days remaining in the solution chosen) applied to their on-site consulting charges. 
  • Turnaround response times for email, call returns, and documentation review will be within 24 hours.  We will endeavor to make this response time as short as possible.  Quicker response needs should be communicated at the time of the request.  If a response will take longer than expected to allow for research, reaching out to other associates for their expertise, etc., the client will be notified.
  • On-line collaboration will need to be scheduled in advance of the event to ensure consultant availability.
  • The table below provides a brief summary of the service allowances for each of the predefined solutions.  For further information on a particular package click the image below the applicable column or select it in the menu.

Don't fumble around on your own!

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